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The Movement for Economy, Resistance, Culture, Access, Design & Opportunity 

*A project of Mujeres de Maiz 

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  • Every purchase supports WOC artivists & community projects.

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  • "In times of resilience, resistance and radical love for our self-love and protection, I buy from conscious businesses online like EL MERCADO!"

    Maria Villamil (organizer, healer and mother)

  • I just found you via Mujeres de Maiz and I must say I am thrilled to have done so. I've been searching for a place to purchase items which reflect who I am, values, etc both at home and at my office (I am a community college counselor). Thank you so much!"

    Natalie Mendoza Paredes

  • "This shirt has such sentimental value to me as it's the only top that fit me when I was 42 weeks pregnant! I wore it daily as I walked, jogged, and squatted throughout the trails of Griffith Park. As I result I labored in this top for most of the 22 hours of my birthing battle."

    Dr. Leigh Anna Hidalgo Newton (Professor, organizer, mother)