El Spirit Stilo Sombrero

  • $48.00

El Spirit Stilo Sombrero

For the ‘stilo or for some shade, these sombreros are everything! They bring color and attitude to any outfit. Perfect for a day at the rancho, beach, pulga, BBQ or any day to bring a pop of color and cultura. 

These color combos may not be seen again as each SpiritStilo String is one-of-a-kind and a mexcla of colors. Just one of each combo!  

Photos are the styles and colors available.

Sprit Stilo Strings are easily removable and the hats are wearable with or without them...your choice.  

The sombreros are one-size w/ a ribbon inside to make it smaller/tighter. 


Our role model Fe shows you how they can be worn or styled. The colors of the Stilo Strings may not be available but the hats on their own are HERE.