Sana Corazon: Rose Quartz Gem Essence

  • $20.00

Spirit Sistars: Sana Corazon Gem Essence Rose Quartz essence for matters of the heart. Support for forgiveness, love, friendship, calming, trauma, grief, depression and heartbreak. Rose Quartz essence helps us cultivate the love within as well as attract love.

Rose quartz helps process and release stress that is connected to worries impacting our heart. Its element is water and that is why this is an amazing ally for emotional healing. This essence is wonderful to use when one feels or experiences loneliness, worry, fear, anxiety, current or past emotional trauma. Its radiant love helps us connect to the love surrounding us, of our community, the love of the planet, of our ancestors, and of our universe.

This stone is safe to use with young children. Adding a drop or two of this essence in a spray bottle filled with purified or distilled water helps elevate the energy of any space (especially baby rooms) and it helps protect children and their auras. Rose quartz stimulate and open our corazones allowing for deep and meaningful connection. It is an essence deeply needed in these times.

Add a drop to a bowl of water and place it in a room to help clear and absorb negative energy with love.


This essence was handmade in a small batch in sistarhood with love and ancestral wisdom under the full moon and planetary alignment. This essence carries the intentions of 7 sistars.