Spirit Sistars: Luna Cycles

  • $15.00

Spirit Sistars: Luna Cycles Gem Essence Moonstone essence for intuition, transition, calming the waves, feminine energy and deep emotional healing and spiritual enlightenment. Works with the digestive, reproductive systems and hormones.

Moonstone Essence supports us with self discovery, intuition, dreaming deeply, and aligns us to the mystery of the universe. The element of this stone is wind, which helps move stagnant energy and elevates our intentions.

Moonstone essence also helps align our third eye and crown chakras. Moonstone is the ruler of feminine mysteries. It helps us specifically connect to the feminine energy of the mind. Its shining light helps illuminate our path when doing shadow work.

In doing so, Moonstone essence allows us to observe and connect to our hidden truths. Its energy helps us think and feel in non-linear ways. Moonstone balances our emotions and it is great to have when facing challenging life experiences.

Because of its connection to the moon, this essence allows us to pay attention to the cycles of our lives, their completion, and the wisdom that they bring.


This essence was handmade in a small batch in sistarhood with love and ancestral wisdom under the full moon and planetary alignment. This essence carries the intentions of 7 sistars.